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2004 Cruises
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2004 Cruises

A collection of pictures from KCYC 2004 cruises.

Moe N. sneaks a feel while group ponders what to steal. Dave & Debbie W. taking sun. Mary M. shows off her bag of winnings. Val G. & Chris H. serve up some of Yellowtail's finest.
Debbie W. and Chris H. looking past each other. Jeff G. wonders how he'll get all his stuff home. Bobby L, David & Janice K, Pete D, Moe N & Tall Guy. What is this thing I bought?  I just got my finger stuck in it.
Auction items to Die for. Len G. & Chris H. wonder where they are. Blonde With Mimosa - Yahoo for Lori D! Debbie W, Chris H, David K, Barb C, Sally T, Billy T gather themselves.
Dorothy & Carl P. wonder who is Minnie. Len G. & Margaret W. with wild black & white stuffed toy. Len G. takes the hotrod out to scare the natives. Entering Sidney harbor.
Wallace Is. AM Coffee with Janice & Dave K., Jeff G. and Billy T. The sun goes down beautifully on the KCYC Fleet at the Wallace Is. dock. Pete D. is bright eyed & bushy tailed on a Wallace Is. morning. Chris H. hanging the KCYC Burgee at the abandoned store on Wallace.
KCYC ready for the formal dinner on the dock at Wallace Island. Looking west out the entrance to the bay at Wallace Island Park Billy T. gets a reaction for that comment. Billly T. at rest at the park dock at Wallace Is.
Billy T. & Sally get together at Wallace Island. Chris H. in his favorite Campion at Wallace Is.. Fantaseas at the Wallace Is. park dock just behind Billy T. (whew!) Jolly Mon in the bay at Wallace Island Park
KCYC Fleet at the Wallace Is. dock. At the Wallace Is. park dock for dinner with Chris, Janice, David, Geoff, Val, Jeff, & Billy. OK! KCYC folks at dinner with Sally and now without Chis. Better? Val & Jeff G. look at more store stuff in the old Wallace store.
Fantaseas arrives at Wallace and takes direct aim at rock. KCYC Fleet head on at the Wallace Island park dock.    
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