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2006 Cruises
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2006 Cruises

A collection of pictures from KCYC 2006 cruises.

Chris H, David & Janice K Trying to Remember Where Opening Day Is Commodores' Procession to the Reviewing Field
Opening Day Commodores' Salute Decorating Mike's Boat for the Parade Terri with Big Hat & Geoff G at Seattle Opening Day
Mike P's 'Highlife' Entering the Parade Mike P's Beautiful Decorated Trophy Winner
Official Opening Day Salute from the Military Brass Mike With Blonde Woman, Plaque, Friend and the Burgee Book Mike's Boat 'Highlife' in All Its Glory.
'Shine' Returns the Salute A Fine Group of Flag Officers Al B Barking a Few More Orders Commodore Gets Ready to Review the Fleet
Commodore Wonders Where Fleet Went Officers Start to Gather Terri G the Commodore @ KCYC Opening Day Terri the Commodore Spots A Boat
Tidebucker is In the Wind Kingston Opening Day Yacht Club Officers Al B About to Run Away on Ship Arnt B & Tom P Chatting While Ernie B Falls Into His Boat
Arnt B & Tom P Still Chatting Boys in Front of Male Symbol CaroleAnn is Great to Have on a Cruise Chris About to Help Allen & Marilyn K Find the Boat
Chris H & Len G Trying to Look Sober Chris H Catches Balance Chris H Prepares to Steal a Boat With His Friends Chris H Takes Fluid on the Boat
Deb B & Jennifer D Discuss Tactics Deb B & Jennifer D Search for Naked Men Deb B Blesses the Group Deb B Fell Down & Can't Get Up
Deb B Sees Naked Man on Bridge Diane & Moses N are Happy as Clams Gathering on Len G's Boat at Rumor of Free Drinks Glenn & Teresa S Renewing Their Vows
Group Enthralled by Marilyn K's Story-Al K Wants Another Drink Gwen B Loves Radar Gwen B Reaches for the Moon Gwen B Thinking About Her Former Career
Gwen B Asks - If I Climb This Pole Will You Buy Me Dinner If We Get More People Up Here Maybe We Can Tip It Over Jennifer & Pete D Ready to Grab Chris and Take His Drink KCYC Fleet Up Close
KCYC Fleet and Banner KCYC Fleet at Bell Harbor KCYC Fleet from Above Kerry B, Teresa S & Ernie B Are a Trio
Len G, Al B & Glen S - Here's Lookin' at Ya Moses N About to Do His Backflip Moses N in Rough Seas Nick S Figuring Out the Boat
Nick S Says Howdy Nick S at Ease & Lovin' It Norm W & Mike G Lying About the Last Fish Pensive Jennifer D & Worried Chris H Discuss World Affairs with Janice K
Pete D & Chris H Living the Motto of the Shirt Rush Hour Jam on the Dock Teresa S & Chris H Renew Their Friendship Teresa S & Friend Take the Sun
Teresa S, Ernie & Kerry B are Oh! So Serious Terri G, Tom P, Geoff G, John R, Chris H & Ernie B in Good Form The Tollywhacker at Rest Tom P, Geoff G, Mike G, Chris H & Ernie B with the Geoff Toast
2006 Kingston 4th of July Boat Float Bow 2006 Kingston 4th of July Boat Float Stern    
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