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Kingston Cove Yacht Club
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KCYC is a 501C7 - Social Organization
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Kingston, WA 98346
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Upcoming Events
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Sandi Dalgleish

Commodore 2020-2021

A Message from the Commodore

Happy New Year! Well, out with the “old” and in with the new! Whew!

Thank you to John and Shelly Gantz and those who supported them on this year’s appropriately titled "Zoom Year’s Eve" – a perfect ending as we kicked 2020 out of here. The agenda was thoughtfully planned, and I dare say all who attended had a grand time. The speed toasting rounds, coupled with us (trying) to sing Auld Lange Syne together, were both very amusing. Watching a 2019 recording of Dick Clark’s dropping of the ball in Time’s Square was a refreshing reminder of times to come again. And of course, the dinner was delicious. A highlight of the party announcing the winner of the “Golden Bean” – a magic bean worth more than 100 times its weight. Curious about what that might be? Make sure you sign up for the upcoming Cupid’s Cache!

We had a great turnout of over 40 people for our January speaker, including 6 new potential members. What a great entry into 2021 (and good riddens to 2020). I could tell from the faces that everyone was drawn into Russ and Laurie Owen’s special story. As he shared those marvelous pictures, we were taken away to a better place and time, and could actually see the blue skies ahead.

That was followed by a quick review of the 3-Year Strategic Plan, 2021 Budget and Capital Asset List update, all of which were approved and supported by the membership’s vote. Thanks to the hard work done by previous boards and the support of our members, we survived a tight spot at the end of December and have a stable base looking forward to the light at the end of this “tunnel”.

At February’s meeting, we will have Bob Wise, the President of Recreational Boating Association of Washington, who will be sharing information about the history of RBAW, the current important legislative initiatives that RBAW is following and supporting, and about the acquisition of the Lakebay Marina as a new State Park. The work RBAW does is important to protecting our waters for both boaters’ and non-boaters’ enjoyment for the future. Please show your support and come hear Bob’s update.

I am looking forward to an exciting, fun filled year with more social activities, cruises and services to the community as we kick this virus the heck out of here.


News from the Social Committee

Hip, Hip, Hurray, 2020 is finally done
And 2021 has begun!
We ushered it in with Zoom Year’s Eve
Which all agree was “wicked” fun.

OK, enough with the rhymes. A new social season is here, and with vaccines and arms finally getting together, we might even get back to something normal one of these days. With luck we’ll get some Friday nights in in the next few months and bigger stuff later.  In the short term, let us introduce you to.....CUPID’S CACHE! Read all about it below. If you've like to help or you have questions, please contact Shelley or John Gantz.,
508-397-3082 (S), 508-524-6796 (J)

Up Next———Don't Miss Out on Something Sweet For Your Sweetie!
💝💞 Cupid's Cache–Valentine's Day, February 14th 💝💞

This will be a takeout event for Valentine's Day with three fabulous features:
  1. NO ZOOM, so you and your honey can party in private.💝💞
  2. A prize drawing! A chance to win Cupid’s Shared Dream!  💝💞
  3. FREE LOCAL DELIVERY! (Kingston Poulsbo, Hansville), so you do not need to get out of your pajamas to pick something up at the club. 💝💞

What’s in Cupid’s Cache? Two half-bottles of bubbly, some romantic items, and Shelley’s delicious homemade Chocolate Lava Cake! The member price? $25 a couple. Click the link to register.💝💞
Register for Cupid's Cache

508-397-3082 (S), 508-524-6796 (J)

News from the Fleet Captain

We are off to a good start for the 2021 season. There has been a great response to the cruises so far. Remember the more the merrier, so join in! Also, if you are interested in being a cruise captain or co-captain just let me know. 

Old Swedish tip for winter Cruising:

There is no bad or cold weather, only bad clothing. 

Polar Bear Cruise

10 Boats have signed up for the Polar Bear Cruise to Edmonds next weekend Feb 5-7th. As soon as I receive slip assignments from the Port I will send them out to all registered. Nancy Langwith is busy planning some creative and interesting activities that we can do while maintaining social distancing. Remember to bring plenty of masks as we will be required to wear them whenever we are not on our boat. Let’s hope the weather remains mild. 

Port Orchard Cruise (replaces Brownsville)

The Brownsville cruise has been replaced with Port Orchard! March 19-21

Sadly, due to COVID rules, the popular spaghetti dinner and Friday night fire pit activities are not going to be possible this year. So, the cruise has been changed to Port Orchard. It has the same easy winter weather inside passage, there are parks and walks, and restaurants offering outdoor and open air service, shops are open. Steve and Gloria Young have offered to be cruise captains. 

In order to lock in our reservation, you will need to register for this by February 3rd.  The port requires that we register as a group and needs our numbers soon.  Click the link to make your reservation: Port Orchard Cruise - 3/19/2021

Housekeeping note:

The Marinas have all made new COVID inspired regulations about how to book group reservations. Each one is different; some want each captain to call with their boat info, some will only deal with the Fleet Captain, some want to assign each boat slip and others want the club to do that. Please read the instruction emails that go out so that we can comply with their requests. 

If you are not receiving Fleet specific emails, remember to go to your profile and click interest in boats/boat owner. This will put you on the list to receive them all.

Edmonds' Polar Bear Cruise, February 5 - 7

We have 10 boats signed up for the cruise, and Nancy Langwith will be our Cruise Captain, with lots of fun activities planned for the weekend.  Saturday morning will find the "true" polar bears attempting a dip in the Sound; prizes to those who participate.  Zoom games to challenge the brain and build team spirit will be planned, and outdoor restaurants will welcome us for dinner (everyone will be on their own to arrange). 

Port Orchard Cruise, March 19 - 21

In place of the Brownsville Cruise, we will be going to Port Orchard. It has the same easy winter weather inside passage, there are parks and walks, and restaurants offering outdoor and open air service, and the shops are open. Steve and Gloria Young have offered to be the cruise captains.

In order to lock in our reservation, you will need to register for this by February 3rd. The port requires that we register as a group and needs our numbers soon. Click on the link below to register:

Register for the Port Orchard Cruise

Still No Reservations Accepted for Victoria Splash

We're still planning for the coronavirus to be under control! Let Jerry know, if you are interested in being a Co-Captain for this cruise.I f you haven't made your plans yet, contact Jerry Kirschner at


News from the Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is up and running. We are meeting on a regular basis to meet our goals. Members of the committee are: Diane Nunez (Chair) Julie Turner (KCYC Secretary) Ronda Andrews, Rick Eveleth, Linda MacEllven, Lynne Colton, Greg Colt, and Kathy Satre

The Welcome Sub-Committee is creating a process to ensure that new members are provided with information about KCYC, introduce them to members and include them in club functions. Sponsors and Mentors will be key to the success of this program. If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor or Mentor for new members, please contact Diane Nunez at .

The Cheers Sub-Committee will continue to greet members at events and meetings. In addition, the Cheers Committee will be offering a variety of planned and spontaneous activities for members including outdoor activities, a trip to the zoo, a hike, a dinghy ride. Other ideas are game nights, meeting for breakfast, speakers, and a book club. All ideas are welcome for this group that is all about fun and camaraderie.

The Volunteer Sub-Committee will be working to encourage volunteerism through working and playing together. In addition this Committee will be working on the integration of the volunteer process with the KCYC website.
The Committee welcomes ideas and involvement from all members. If you are interested in the working with the Membership Committee contact Diane Nunez at .

Important notice to all members:  Membership Cards will be mailed the week of January 24th.

News from the Ship's Store

BRRR Baby… it’s cold outside. Time to get your KCYC Fleece on!

Stay warm this winter with KCYC logo wear. Follow this link to shop men’s and ladies jackets and fleece. Outerwear | SanMar.  To place your order, contact Linda MacEllven at 248-921-1423 or Be sure to include sizes and colors. All merchandise and accessories at are available through the Ship’s Store. Contact Linda for details and pricing.

January General Meeting Highlights

A new member welcome shout out to Patricia Gundlach who is now the newest member of the yacht club. Also welcome were a number of guests including Shannon and DJ Horner, Terry and Kari Tupper & Tim and Lucy Falla.

Chimena Campbell, our Treasurer, has reported that we survived a dip in the bank balance at the end of December related to the timing of renewals and payments and are not back to a healthy balance. She worked with the Commodore to develop the 2021 budget taking a very conservative approach. Because we have no facts to work with regarding the timing of COVID restrictions being lifted, the approach assumes restrictions resume in place with very few “events” and no public events. The approach also assumes no contributions to contingency funds will occur until we are back to normal operations. Once we have more information about the restrictions, we will perform a re-plan based on known facts. Even with the conservative approach, we should not have to dip into the contingency funds.If you'd like to look at the supporting documents, click the link here:  KCYC 2021 Budget Planning Documents

The Vice Commodore, Jerry Andrews, did a thorough review of the Capital Asset List, making a few adjustments to value and useful life. This resulted in a $600 total increase in the projected annual accrual, once they begin to be funded again. The Capital Asset List was presented and passed General Membership approval.

The Social Committee, headed by Shelley and John Gantz, reported a very successful (and popular) Chili and Corn Break take-out event after the boat parade. The New Year's Eve party had yet another fabulous party bag with steak, veggies, dessert and champagne with hats, tiaras and party horns. The zoom meeting was delightful with a slide presentation recapping all the events that have been enjoyed in 2020.

Steve Page, the Fleet Captain, reported on an entertaining Christmas Boat Lights and dinghy parade. Thank you to all the volunteers; it was a good end to the season. Next up is the Annual Polar Bear cruise to Edmonds on 2/5-7. The Port Orchard Cruise on 3/19-21 has replaced the Brownville Spaghetti as COVID rules won't allow the meal. For this spring, plans are being made for the Everett cruise on 4/9-11, Port Townsend cruise on 6/25-27 and the Victoria Splash on 7/30 to 8/1. Stay tuned!

Nancy Langwith, our Community Engagement Chair, and Rita Osborne have been busy over the holidays raising food and money for the Kingston Food Bank and for ShareNet. They raised over $4,000 total! This also created good will with the community. Partnering with the Port, a virtual concert with Danny Vernon as Elvis was live streamed from the yacht club and raised donations for their entertainment. Everyone is asked for ideas and thoughts on new ways to connect with the community.

Sunshine and Clouds

  • Collen Carey’s has been struggling with COVID for two weeks now. They think she is turning the corner now. Keep her in your prayers.
  • Linda Wilson has a spot on her lung. The doctors feel it is treatable. She began chemo treatments on Jan 20th.
  • Steve Young is healing nicely after being struck by a car in the Costco gas station. It's quite a story; you'll have to ask him for the details!
  • Gloria Young is healing after her wrist/hand surgery, and Joseph Charnes and Jerry Kirschner have both been given the green light by their doctors to resume normal activity after their shoulder surgeries.

Latest Coronavirus Guidelines (as of January 11, 2021)

Restaurants and bars are closed for indoor dine-in service, but outdoor and open-air dining and to-go service are permitted, provided that all outdoor/open-air dining comply with the requirements of the Outdoor and Open-air Seating Guidance which is 25% occupancy. 


What's Next for Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Committee is looking for new ideas for helping the community we live in.  Support is needed year round and can take many different forms, so if you have any thoughts on what our next project might be, please contact one of the committee members.  Thanks so much for all your support.
Nancy Langwith:
Rita Osborn:
Kim Wood:


Zoom Year's Eve Party

Zoom Years Eve was a great time with a delicious prime ribeye steak dinner complete from appetizers through to dessert and with hats and noise makers…Yum!  Highlights included a great video looking back at our 2020 activities, a round robin rapid toast (with some interesting deliveries), and then we watched the ball drop in NYC2019 and sang Auld Lang Syne.

For those members who did not participate in the New Year's Eve Party, we are including the slideshow here from the video which was shown.  Check it out—its amazing to see all we were still able to do, despite all the restrictions.
Zoom Years Eve 2020