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Kingston Cove Yacht Club
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 81
Kingston, WA 98346-0081
KCYC is a 501C7 - Social Organization
Club Address
25815 Washington Blvd NE
Kingston, WA 98346
HomeSteps to Join!

  1. Learn about KCYC through visitations. Non-members may visit our Club by signing in at our front desk in the Guest Registration Book. If you stop in without pre-arranging to meet an existing Club Member, please ask someone to “Host” you as a guest. As a private Club, you must have someone to be your host/guide until you become a member. There are a number of opportunities to visit and learn about our Club, such as: 

    1. Friday Night Socials. With very few exceptions, our Club is open from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM each Friday Night. The bar will be open and often there is a light selection of foods to choose from with a small donation to cover the costs.
    2. General Meetings.  The monthly member meetings are held at the Club on the third Thursday of each month (exception is December when no meeting is held).  Happy Hour begins at 6:00PM and the Potluck Dinner is served at 7:00 PM. The General Meeting immediately follows dinner. During those meetings we often have many non-member guests who we openly invite to get a more in-depth understanding of who we are and what we do. Again, you will need to sign in and have a Host to attend those meetings.
    3. Club Events. There are many events throughout the year.  They are often theme based, with most offering a broad range of food selections, entertainment, music and occasionally dancing. Check out our event calendar at to see what is coming. As always, until you are a member, you will need a Host.
    4. KCYC Cruises.  Cruises to various Puget Sound Ports are planned throughout the year. Both boaters and social members are encouraged to attend the cruises. Non-members with a Host may participate in cruises, which are also posted to our event calendar.

  2. Moving forward to join our Club.  To take the next step to join our club, fill out the Membership Application and pay the Initiation Fee dependent on your type of membership.  Return both to the club during an event or mail them to  KCYC, Attn: Secretary, PO Box 81, Kingston, Washington 98346.

    Once your application and initiation fee are received, the Membership Committee will confirm a Sponsor for you to guide you through the new member process.  Note:  You do not need a Sponsor to apply.

    You can get a copy from your Sponsor or by clicking here:   Membership Application 2024

  3. Fulfill all New Member requirements. You may have already fulfilled the new member requirements as part of visiting our Club and learning about who we are and what we offer. Those requirements are:

    • Turn in your application and fee.
    • Attend one social event, either a Friday Night Social, a club event, or a Cruise.
    • Attend one General Meeting.
    • Inform the KCYC Secretary ( and the Membership Coordinator ( that all requirements have been met.


    Owning a boat is not a requirement. About half of our Club members do not have boats, with their interests more focused on Club social activities.

  4. How is your application reviewed and approved? Applications are reviewed by the Membership Committee, confirming that all requirements have been met. The General Membership is notified that you have applied for membership in the next issue of the Club Newsletter, The Bosun’s Pipe. Members have the opportunity to comment on your application. 

  5. Without objection by the Club members, your membership into the Club will be submitted to the Board for approval. Once approved, you will be invited to the next General Meeting at which time your sponsor will introduce you to the membership and you will be inducted in the Kingston Cove Yacht Club. At this meeting you will be supplied with your KCYC Burgee, nametag and Membership Booklet. Your attendance at the induction ceremony is required. After being inducted you will be required to pay for Club membership dues based on the type of membership you select.