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Kingston Cove Yacht Club
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Kingston, WA 98346-0081
KCYC is a 501C7 - Social Organization
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Kingston, WA 98346
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July 2023


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Birthdays / Anniversaries


Commodore Art Hammon 2022-23

Art Hammon

Commodore 2022-2023

Hello KCYC,

The Social and Cruise calendars have kept KCYC humming these last few months as we started in Seattle for Opening Day of Boating. We continued with Kingston Opening Day, threw in a General Meeting and several Friday nights at the club house, hosting other yacht clubs. We ended May in Bell Harbor for the Memorial Day Cruise.   We moved into June with a membership drive and the Kingston Pirate Festival, Family Night at the club, all our great Friday social hours, the amazing Cruise and RV destination in Port Townsend, and topped it off with a great Friday night of music and tacos.

This has taken an amazing amount of planning and volunteer hours. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has taken part in and supported the events of the last couple of months. You make this club what it is. Thank you!

The Helen Meredith Award for 2023 went to Shannon Castillo. Accepting the award on her behalf was her husband, Wilo Castillo. He will be driving Shannon’s classic VW in honor of her in this year’s 4th of July parade.

As we move into July 4th…The Pancake Feed is in the morning, and following the parade, there will free hotdogs for the kids at the club. We also have the Beer, Wine, and Spirits tent in the park on July 3rd and July 4th. There is a great lineup of music in the park each night, so come on down and celebrate with us.  And, in case anyone has not heard, we have FIREWORKS!! Thank you to Tony Clark and the Kingston 4th of July Committee for planning the festivities for our community.

July 16th KCYC Crab Feast 2023...need I say more, Ok yum!!!  

The Board Meeting is on Tuesday night, July 18th, at 6:00 and the General Meeting is on Thursday, July 20th, at 6:00. 

Rounding out the month of July is the cruise to Anacortes on July 28-31. If you do not have a slip reserved, there are several hotels within walking distance of the marina. Please join us for the weekend.

We are looking for someone to take over the Bosun Pipe. Thank you to Laura Shabe for doing this last year. She has done a wonderful job. If you see her, please tell her thank you. In the short term, Julie Turner has taken this on for July and August only. Please let me know if you or someone you know wants to take this on. This is a terrific way to volunteer and support the club.

As always, Cheryl and I look forward to seeing you around the club and on the dock. Please come and join in the fun.

Art Hammon



JUL 28-31 Cap Sante Marina/Anacortes
Rendezvous at Cap Sante Marina in Anacortes while cruising the San Juans this summer. At this time their RV park is not available due to construction will update if this changes.
AUG 18-20 Langley Cruise
Back on the cruise list by popular demand. Has been excellent crabbing here in years past.
SEP 1-4 Pleasant Harbor
We return to this fantastic location on Hood Canal on Labor Day Weekend. Details to come.

Chuck Turner
Fleet Captain


Club Photo 2
Club Photo 3
Club Photo 1

News from the Vice Commodore

Did you know that KCYC has a Facilities Design Document, which is an outline of things that the membership voted on to improve the space we occupy as a club?

Some of the improvements that we have been making are subtle and not noticeable to many members unless they are in constant contact with the item that has been repaired or replaced.  For example, the dishwasher was recently secured so it no longer almost falls out of its space when opening the door.  Minor repairs such as these are not usually reported in the Bosun’s Pipe. However, there are repairs, improvements and renovations that are significant enough to report.

In the last few weeks, many efforts were undertaken to make our club a better space.  Flower pots filled with summer flowers were installed around the railing of the newly painted deck. Thanks to Vivi-Ann Parnell for all her help in shopping and putting the baskets together.  They are looking really wonderful, and will only get better. 

We also repaired the deck. A big thank you to Ken Dalgleish,  Bob Britten and Lynne Colton for repairing and painting  the deck.


We also completed some interior renovations. It took planning, perseverance, and hard work to complete painting the ceiling and beam in 3 days.  Thanks to dedicated members Ken Dalgleish, Bob Britten, Lynne Colton, Karl Compton, and Rick Eveleth for getting it done.  It looks amazing, and we are very appreciative of your willingness to undertake this big job.

Please stay tuned for the next phase of renovations, and if you would like to volunteer to help, please do not hesitate to contact me.  We make it fun, and it is rewarding to be involved. 

Rita Osborn
Vice Commodore

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Capricho Rose
KCYC Members,

Wow – Between activities organized by the Social Committee and visiting Yacht Clubs coming to the club house as our guests, it has been a busy month at the bar. Thanks to all of the MAST License holders who have stepped up and lent a hand to Darcy during these busy nights.  It makes a big difference and is much appreciated.
And July looks to be just as busy.  We are looking for that perfect wine to pair with Dungeness crab for the upcoming crab feed if anyone has suggestions.  Tacoma Yacht Club will be in town, and they always have a big crowd (and big boats).
Our primary wine vendor High Spirits has a good business model to keep prices down, but it occasionally causes us to change products.  They buy excess stock, last runs or other deals at a great price then pass that on to us.  The challenge is once that pallet or two run out, we can’t get more at the same price, so we pick something new.  We are down to our last few bottles of Montinore Pinot Gris which will be replaced with Terlato Pinot Gris.  Taste tests held at the club gave this new white wine high marks. Give it a try.  We have switched to Montes for both our Cabernet and Merlot.  Please let me know what you think of it.  Secret Squirl red blend are our bestselling wines so I keep it in stock but must pay a bit more.  That’s why Squirl is higher than other red wines on the menu
For summer we have added a Rose wine, Capricho Rosado.  Give it a try.
I can’t believe there are less then 4 months to Change of Watch.  I feel like I am just getting this Bar Management thing figured out. It’s been fun and should be in pretty good shape for the next Rear Commodore the club decides to vote in.
All the Best and keep enjoying your bar,
Walter Viereck
Rear Commodore


July 2023 Meeting Schedule

The Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 18th at 6pm.

The General Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 20th at 6pm.

Stop by the Club on Friday evenings!

Our members are always welcome to just come in for a drink and to catch up with friends on Friday evenings.  It is not required to participate in the meal being served. 

We request 
reservations (depending on what is being served) so that our hosts can plan the correct amount of food and avoid food loss costs to the club.

Helen Meredith Award 2023 Shannon Strachan-Castillo

Helen Meredith Community Service Award 2023

Shannon Strachan – Castillo

The HELEN MEREDITH FRIENDSHIP AWARD was established in 1991.  This award is presented to a community member in recognition of their active participation in community service and is presented in honor of their outstanding work to benefit our larger community.

KCYC Ship Store



New Applicants!

Brad Eccles 
Brad has lived in the area for over 40 years. He has been a ferry boat captain in Kingston for the past 5 years and enjoys crabbing and cooking. Brad is in the process of buying a 40’ Trawler. He currently delivers meals through the “Meals on Wheels” program. Brad is interested in helping set up/clean up before and after meetings! Jim DiIanni and Mike Brooks will be Brad’s sponsors.  Welcome Brad!!

Brian Sundquist
Brian is no stranger to Kingston, or the ways of the water. He has been aware of KYCYC for many years and would like to be a part of an organization that shows enthusiasm for people and boating. He has lived in Kitsap County since 1995 and bought a place in Kingston in 2005.  He is in management for the Lumen Corporation and has been working from home since COVID. Brian enjoys boating, golf, live music, and dancing, and currently belongs to the Sons of Norway. His 18ft. Ghastron is garaged when not in use…not for long!! To nourish his soul, he likes to spend hours on long, luxurious cruises. That includes planning for, and participating in club cruises.  Welcome Brian!!!

Mark Ryan 
He has driven by the yacht club many times and seen the activity. He is a long -time boater of 43 years, looking for a boating community. Mark moved to Kingston in 2016 and has come to Kingston by ferry many times prior to that.  He is a retired chemist in tech sales, and enjoys boating, skiing, biking, and fixing things! Welcome Mark!!!

Gus Haley
Gus has visited KCYC often with Dave Lucas, Bobby Lee and several other members. His family has lived in Kingston over 30 yrs. and he is interested in making new friends, enjoying life, socializing, having fun, and expanding his knowledge of people. 
Gus has spent 37.5 years in the US Navy as an S/38 Supervisor, and 4.5 years in the Puget Sound Shipyard as a planner, estimator, and mechanical engineering technician. He is interested in motorcycles, church, helping people, and traveling.  Gus is also a member of the Sons of Norway, Poulsbo VFW and Navy Veterans.  He currently does not own a boat and is willing to help set up and clean up at club events.  Welcome Gus!
Dave and Lorna Muller
Dave and Lorna were past KCYC members, so having fun and cruising on their boat is nothing new! They moved from Edmonds in 1981…42 years ago. Dave is a retired Realtor, has worked as an electronics technician for Kodak, and has been a baker at VandeKamps. And don’t we love our baked goodies!!!  Dave and Lorna are joining KCYC to have fun with friends, cruise, fish, and socialize. Their special interests include cruising, fishing, baking bread, gardening, grandchildren, home improvements, and travel. Dave has been a member of the Kingston Kiwanis since 2001 and was a VG Board Member. Dave has been boating since the age of 6 around the Desolation Sound while fishing, crabbing, and shrimping…did I mention we like seafood??? Dave and Lorna are anxious to step up by developing cruising plans, helping set up and clean up during events, stocking and selling club merchandise, and helping with clubhouse maintenance.  Sounds like a perfect fit!! Welcome Dave and Lorna!


Seattle Opening Day Boating 2023
Kingston Opening Day Boating 2023
Aloha Pub Crawl 2023
Lasagna Galore 2023
Pulled Pork Friday with 3 Yacht Clubs

Seattle Opening Day

Boating 2023

Kingston Opening Day

Boating Season

Aloha Pub Crawl

Lasagna Galore

Pulled Pork Friday &

3 Yacht Clubs



Upcoming Social Events

I am happy to report that under the direction of the Board, I have taken on the role of Social Media Manager for KCYC.  What does this mean?  We now have an Instagram account!  If you are on Instagram, please be sure to follow @kingstoncoveyc and comment and ❤️our posts.  The Instagram autoposts to the KCYC Public Facebook Page that has nearly a thousand followers and up until now has not been very active.  

I am playing with various hashtags, and using some of your own photos as shared to the KCYC Members Group on FB, crediting the poster by using just their initials in the posts.  If you have any objections to your photos being shared in this way, please indicate so in your FB post by saying something like “Do not reshare”.

I would welcome any help any of you are willing to offer - from finding fun and interesting or informative photos or posts to share, to writing witty captions, or helping research hashtags.  And the easiest thing we can all do is to “Like” and comment on any public posts you see which improves visibility.  Please email all of your ideas and input to Simona at or text or call me at 818-434-8091.

Social / Clubhouse Update

May 26th - Pulled Pork Sandwiches.  A HUGE shoutout to Beth Layton and Lynn Colton, and everyone who helped us pull off the Pulled Pork Sandwiches event!  We had nearly a 100 people in the club, and while everything went off without a hitch, it's not something any of us who were there want to jump into again lightly.  Lessons were learned, and will be applied in the future.  Whew!

June 2nd - Famous Sloppy Joes & Bingo.  Karen and Walter Viereck hosted a very popular Friday night party, with Karen’s Famous Sloppy Joes, and BINGO!  It was well attended, and fun was had by all.

June 9th - Lasagna Galore.  Shelley and John Gantz welcomed us to their version of Lasagna Galore.  We enjoyed FOUR different kinds of lasagna and we couldn’t agree which was a favorite.  Thank you to Mary Ann Harris for stepping up with an extra pan of her own special lasagna when someone (me!) forgot to cut off registrations and we were in fear of running out of food!

June 10th - Aloha Pub Crawl.   Julie Turner and Rick Eveleth led us fearlessly through the main street of Kingston on a genuine Pub Crawl as tacky Hawaiian tourists in our spiffy socks and sandals!   We "island hopped" to four local establishments to enjoy their specialty drinks and apps, stopping ferry traffic along the way several times.

June 17th - Membership Drive on Pirates Day.   The club had a Membership Drive!  We opened the Club to the public to come and inquire about all the Yacht Club has to offer, during the First Annual Kingston Pirate Festival in the park below.  The day was a great success, thank you to all the volunteers who took turns at the Clubhouse. 
June 30th - Tony Clark and friends (and Kim Clark along with Jennie Tucker) hosted another live music evening. You never know who might turn up to entertain at these events! Street Tacos were enjoyed by all.


Volunteers Needed in August for STEM Activity at the Boys & Girls Club

Help the North Kitsap Boys & Girls Club campers located in Kingston at the Village Green Community Center learn about pollinators. Pollinators make 1/3 of our food possible. Volunteers will help campers observe and record any pollinators that visit flowering plants, The data will be submitted to a real scientific research project.

Volunteers, at least 14 years old, are needed on August 16 between 12:45pm - 3:30pm at the Kingston Village Green.

Learn more about the project and the steps necessary to make observations, and submit the data to the research project at  

Contact Robin Salthouse at if you would like to help area youth learn more about pollinators and their important role in food production, and biodiversity.



 2023 Nominating Committee

Kim Francisco-Clark – Past Commodore
Simona Dedek – Social Committee Chair
Tony Clark – Past Commodore
Ken Dalgleish – Past Commodore
Steve Page – Former Board Member

Nominating Committee Update

Timing for the Committee

June - Nominating Committee formed by the Commodore (or delegate) and is chaired by immediate Past Commodore.  

This committee consists of four or five members representing a cross section of the Club, including one or two Past Commodores, and at least one boating member and one social member. 
July & August - A call for candidates for open positions and a list of committee members shall be published in the July & August Bosun’s Pipe. Members of the Committee shall not be eligible for any open position.
September Annual Meeting – Officers and Trustees Elections
The list of candidates shall be reported in the September issue of the Bosun’s Pipe, at least ten (10) days prior to the election of officers.
Nominations can also be made from the floor at the Sept Annual Meeting.

Next Steps 

Flag Officers  The committee will confirm with the Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, and Fleet captain willingness to accept nomination to the next Flag officer rank in succession and place them in nomination for the next term.  In the event a flag officer succession cannot be implemented, nominations will be made for those positions.
The Committee shall nominate at least one (1) voting member to the elective positions of First Year Trustee (two-year position), Secretary, and Treasurer.

Call for Nominations


Interested in a Board Leadership Position? 

Club leadership is critical to our ability to continue to thrive and grow…and to have fun!  What better way to contribute your skills!  

We need all of you to help us identify our next set of leaders.  You are invite to step up and volunteer for a leadership position if you feel ready.  And you can provide names of others that you think would be a good fit.  Please pass your own name or another to a member of the Nominating Committee for consideration. 

The Nominating Committee will contact each nominated person to offer information concerning the role and the expectations via discussions and the job descriptions. 

If you have questions or would like more information, contact any member of the Nominating Committee.


Sunshine & Clouds July 2023

If you know of member who has amazing news to share, please let me know, so we can all celebrate.  
If you know that a member is struggling with health issues or has recently lost a family member, please send an email so we can send a card to them to help brighten their day.

Kim Francisco, Past Commodore, email:

Please Visit the KCYC Facebook Pages!

We all should know that KCYC has a public facebook page, Kingston Cove Yacht Club. Did you know that we also have a "members only" page? To use it, you must send us a request to join so we are certain that it remains a valuable resource for KCYC members.  Members can use the page to post topics and communicate with other members on whatever topics they choose.

To request to join the page, please click the link below.


Go to KCYC Members Facebook page