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Kingston Cove Yacht Club
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KCYC is a 501C7 - Social Organization
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August 2023


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Birthdays / Anniversaries


Hello KCYC,

As usual, July has come and gone in a flurry of volunteer hours and great events for our community and our club. John Gantz has estimated 600 hours of volunteer time by the membership in the month of July. Thank you for all your hard work.

We started with the Beer, Wine, and Spirits Tent in the Port on July 3rd & 4th, and the Pancake Breakfast, Parade, and Hotdogs for Kids on the day of the 4th. We rounded out the month with our Crab Feast and a cruise to Anacortes. Last, but not least, we spent several wonderful Friday nights at the club with friends. You make this club what it is. Thank you!

We have had an amazing influx of new members and several new member applicants in the past couple of months. Cheryl and I have really enjoyed this time getting to know our newest members. I encourage you to come down and get acquainted. If you haven’t met them yet, you’re missing out.

The Board Meeting is on Tuesday night, August 15th, at 6:00.  The General Meeting is on Thursday, August 17th, at 6:00.

Don’t miss the Luau on August 12th. Sign up soon, as this is a big event, and we will be hosting the Ranger Tug group that weekend.  The next cruise is to Langley, August 18-20. This is always a great destination and a good spot to drop a crab pot. Please join us for the weekend.

We are looking for someone to take over the Bosun Pipe. In the short term, Julie Turner has taken this on for July and August. Please let me know if you or someone you know wants to take this on. It is a terrific way to volunteer and support the club.

Remember, it’s that time of year to get your nominations in for next year’s Board. Please submit your nominations to a committee member as soon as possible. Your 2023 Nominating Committee members are:  

Kim Francisco-Clark-Past Commodore
Simona Dedek-Social Committee Chair
Tony Clark-Past Commodore
Ken Dalgleish-Past Commodore
Steve Page-Former Board Member

Here are a couple of housekeeping notes:
1.  Even if you volunteer and participate in an event, you need to pay for the event and your drinks. Please don’t put the club liquor license at risk.
2.  If you Volunteer, you still need to pay for your drinks. Please don’t put the club liquor license at risk.

As always, Cheryl and I look forward to seeing you around the club and on the dock. Please come and join in the fun.

Art Hammon



August 18-20  Langley Cruise
Back on the cruise list by popular demand. Has been excellent crabbing here in years past.

September 1-4  Pleasant Harbor
We return to this fantastic location on Hood Canal on Labor Day Weekend. Details to come.

October 13-15  Everett Cruise
Details to come!

Chuck Turner
Fleet Captain


Terlato Pinot Grigio
Tribute Sauvignon Blanc
Greetings KCYC Members,

News from your Rear Commodore is pretty routine this month.  Oh Yah – There was that July 4th event, but I suspect, like I, you have all moved on from that.  I would like to say one more time “THANK YOU” to all who stepped up and helped out.

A few bar product changes:
• We have a new Pinot Grigio called Terlato. A very popular item on a hot summer day and it paired well with crab at the crab feast.
• We are trying out a new Sauvignon Blanc called Tribute.  Can’t get the Clone 7 anymore but I like this one better.
• Give the summer Capricho Bierzo Rose selection a go.  It is being well received.

Fun stuff coming up with a couple of more events in the Marina Beer Garden  (Luau and Whisky Tasting).  Social Committee continues to be active bringing folks into the club on Friday nights which is always fun.

Thanks for all your support, keep supporting the bar and don’t forget to tip your servers.

All the Best and keep enjoying your bar,
Walter Viereck
Rear Commodore


Message from the Board


The KCYC Board has voted to propose to the members to raise dues and the initiation/application fee for 2024 for the first time in four years in response to inflation, an imbalance in revenue and expense categories, and the need to prepare for possible rent increases or other expenses in the future. Details of the proposal and rationale will be presented and discussed at the August general meeting and voted on in September.  Stay tuned.

August 2023 Meeting Schedule

The Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, August 15th at 6pm.

The General Meeting will be held on Thursday, August 17th at 6pm.

Stop by the Club on Friday evenings!

Our members are always welcome to just come in for a drink and to catch up with friends on Friday evenings.  It is not required to participate in the meal being served. 

When food is provided, reserve a spot if available (depending on what is being served) so that our hosts can plan the correct amount of food and avoid food loss costs to the club.

KCYC Ship Store



Volunteers Needed on Aug 16th for Boys & Girls Club STEM Activity

Help the North Kitsap Boys & Girls Club campers located learn about pollinators on August 16th. 

They are located in Kingston at the Village Green Community Center.
Pollinators make 1/3 of our food possible. Volunteers will help campers observe and record any pollinators that visit flowering plants, The data will be submitted to a real scientific research project.

Volunteers, at least 14 years old, are needed on August 16 between 12:45pm - 3:30pm at the Kingston Village Green.

Learn more about the project and the steps necessary to make observations, and submit the data to the research project at  

Contact Robin Salthouse at if you would like to help area youth learn more about pollinators and their important role in food production, and biodiversity.


August General Meeting Guest Speaker

Look forward to our guest speaker at our August General Meeting.

Kevin Ransier, from the Kitsap Department of Emergency Management, Training and Exercise Team and Michelle Moen, Volunteer Coordinator will give a short presentation on disaster preparedness, volunteering for Kitsap County Emergency Management (KCDEM) and the KCDEM Boat Flotilla. 

In the event of the “Big One”,  Kitsap County will be split into approximately 30 “islands” between which travel will be impossible by vehicle. The volunteer Boat Flotilla will provide essential emergency response support, enabling the transportation of people and goods between these “islands”. This presentation will provide essential information about being prepared and about how club members may be able to participate in disaster relief efforts.


New Applicants!

Adam Doremire Bio

Adam has been visiting Kingston since the 80’s when his parents moved here. He finally picked up and moved here too. He still doesn’t know very many people here but that changes with every visit to the clubhouse!   Adam is a NAVY veteran with a background in IT and manufacturing. He is a father to three young women, one of whom moved here to Washington as well.   Adam has been impressed by how nice everyone is, and especially to learn that volunteering is a key component in membership. He enjoys helping wherever and whenever he can and said this is a good fit!! Welcome Adam!

Kathleen Butterly and Sophia Butterly

Welcome to Kathleen Butterly and her mother-in-law Sophia Butterly!  Kathleen is interested in learning more about boating and eventually buying one. She filled out an application during the 4th of July festivities, along with her mother-in-law Sophia. Kathleen went to a youth group in Kingston in the 90s and moved here in 2016. They own their own plumbing company! She is interested in hiking, boating, and reading. She has 3 children ages 3, 6, and 10, so she is a very busy woman who needs to take some time for herself and meet some new people. Kathleen loves being on the water and said the KCYC is exactly what she needs!

Kathleen’s mother-in-law joined them from Amsterdam. Sophia would like to get to know people and is very proud to live here. She is a retired teacher (senior HS accounting).  Sophia enjoys her grandkids, gardening, and mostly reading. She would like to offer her services in cleaning up after social events.  Welcome Kathleen and Sophia!!


Eric Thoreson and Erica Peacock

Eric and Erica were driving by the clubhouse on their way to their new home in Port Gamble and saw KCYC. They wanted to meet like-minded people, enjoy boating events, and socialize, so decided to join!  They both work from home for digital marketing agencies.  They enjoy shrimping, crabbing, boating cocktails, hiking, yoga…did I mention cocktails?? Gardening, skiing, and the great outdoors. Eric and Erica also belong to the Sons of Norway, Seattle Tennis Club, Seattle Yacht Club, and the University Club. They have been boating all their lives and bought a boat in 2018 so they could cruise Discovery Bay, do Happy Hour cruises, and explore the Hood Canal.  They are interested in planning social activities, assisting with set up and clean up, bartending and mixology experiments…. sounds like a new signature cocktail soon!  Welcome Eric and Erica!

Mark Ryan

Say hello to Mark Ryan!! He has driven by the yacht club many times and seen the activity. He is a long -time boater of 43 years, looking for a boating community. Mark moved to Kingston in 2016 and has come to Kingston by ferry many times prior to that.  He is a retired chemist in tech sales, and enjoys boating, skiing, biking, and fixing things! Welcome Mark!!!

Charles & Mana Sterling

Charles and Mana have been here about a month! They are interested in becoming yachters after talking to Kim Page about joining.  He works for Microsoft. They are interested in fishing, gardening, and reading. They also belong to the Elks club. They do currently own a boat and surviving is always at the top of his list!!  They are interested in developing cruise plans, helping set up/clean up at meetings, working on the club’s website, and helping with clubhouse maintenance.  Welcome Charles and Mana!!

Cecile Generaux-Schwedes

Cecile noticed KCYC when visiting the harbor. She currently owns her own home in Suquamish (4 yrs.) and is a Marriage Counselor and Business Consultant/Executive Coach. She has special interests in sailing, racing, cruising, fishing, gardening, hiking, and family.  Cecile owns an Islander 36 and Snipe which she races in Southern California, where she is also a member of the Santa Monica Windjammer Yacht Club. She is also a member of the Pacific Cup Yacht Club. She also owns a Roughwater 41 and has over 30 years’ experience sailboat racing and cruising.  Cecile obtained her USCG Master License a few years ago. She has a wide variety of cruise experiences to places such as the South Pacific, Central and South America, Cape Horn, Caribbean, and all up and down both the west and east coasts.  Cecile is a past commodore and treasurer of the Pacific Singlehanded Sailing Association.  She may own 4 boats, but is currently looking for a 27’Kingfisher to trailer and keep at her home and use for Washington and BC cruising! Fascinating experiences Cecile!! Welcome Cecile!

Chris Fratini and Tami Ritoch

Chris and Tami first heard of KCYC on first seeing the club from trips from Edmonds over the past 25 years. Kim Francisco-Clark spoke with them about joining and has agreed to sponsor them as well! They are in construction management and Real Estate and have special interests in sailing, motorcycling and family.  Most of all they both look forward to being a part of the boating community here, having sailed the Puget Sound and San Juans for over 25 years. They would like to help plan club events, develop cruise plans, and assist with clubhouse maintenance. Welcome Chris and Tami!


4th July Pancake Breakfast 2023
4th July Beer Tent 2023
Crab Feast 2023

4th of July Pancake Breakfast

4th of July Beer Tent

Crab Feast 2023

Port Townsend Cruise 2023
Friday Night with Paella 2023
Friday Night with Sandwich Works

Port Townsend Cruise

Friday Night with Paella

Friday Night with Sandwich Works



Social Events

July was a great month for the club to get together!

June 30th saw Tony Clark and friends (and Kim Clark along with Jennie Tucker) hosting another live music evening.  Street Tacos were enjoyed by all, and music kept on going, with up to four musicians up on “stage”!

July 3rd and 4th was just wow!  There were parades and pancakes and beer tents manned by so many volunteers that made them all a great success.  Thank you!

July 7th, we all took a collective breath after surviving July 3rd and 4th, and had a quite evening at the club house with Tacoma YC up for drinks.

July 14th, we decorated crabs for the Sunday’s Crab Races during Friday night social.  July 16th we celebrated living in the Pacific Northwest by polishing off 114 (one hundred and fourteen!) crabs during our annual Crab Feast, with addition of Crab Races.  Thank you Cheryl Crabllais for your leadership and all your hard work!  This event took a large team to pull off, and some star crab catchers, that were all mentioned at the last GM.

July 21st, during our Friday night social, Joseph treated us to a preview of his paella, in his HUGE new pan.  It was so delicious, and loaded with seafood…. Can’t stop thinking about it.  I currently have my own paella pan on order, along with many of the secret ingredients.  Thanks a lot Joseph! 😆

July 28th saw during Friday Social that the the Membership Engagement Committee put on a sandwich bar, much to everyone’s delight.  Who doesn’t love making their own sandwiches when they didn’t have to do any of the prep work? 

Coming Up In August

August 12th - Get ready for our annual Luau!  Sandi, Ken and Daniel have stepped it up by renting the Beer tent, and inviting visiting Ranger Tug group.  It’s going to be THE party of the summer, don’t miss it!  And, the evening will culminate with an already scheduled Concert in the Park featuring some of our very own - Silver City Six!

August 25th - BYOM to Grill Friday!  Bring Your Own Meat to cook on the grill on Friday as well as a side or dessert to share>  The Membership Engagement will provide the salad.

Social Media

Our Instagram, @kingstocoveyc, now has 167 organic followers (meaning they follow us out of their own interest, we didn’t recruit or mine them in any way).   In the last 30 days, we’ve reached 464 (been seen by), and engaged with 84 (commented or liked, or messaged).  If you have Instagram, please follow us and comment!

Our public Facebook page, Kingston Cove Yacht Club, has reached 2310 people in the last 30 days, and had 145 visits to the “home page” on Facebook from people clicking on the posts.

If you have ideas for content, or photos that you think the community would be interested in seeing, please send them to me, so we can keep the momentum going! Email me  at or text or call me 818-434-8091.


Help Requests

Hosts are needed for our traditional “Cheeseburgers and Live Music” events.  Let’s get at least a couple on the calendar before the summer is over?  September 8, 15, 29, 30 Friday or Saturday.

We are look for a few volunteers to put their heads together about New Year’s Eve!  The band has been booked, all we need is a party.   It’s not too soon to think about this!  Call me or email me.


 2023 Nominating Committee

Kim Francisco-Clark – Past Commodore
Simona Dedek – Social Committee Chair
Tony Clark – Past Commodore
Ken Dalgleish – Past Commodore
Steve Page – Former Board Member

Call for Nominations


Interested in a Board Leadership Position? 

Club leadership is critical to our ability to continue to thrive and grow…and to have fun!  What better way to contribute your skills!  

We need all of you to help us identify our next set of leaders.  You are invite to step up and volunteer for a leadership position if you feel ready.  And you can provide names of others that you think would be a good fit.  Please pass your own name or another to a member of the Nominating Committee for consideration. 

The Nominating Committee will contact each nominated person to offer information concerning the role and the expectations via discussions and the job descriptions. 

If you have questions or would like more information, contact any member of the Nominating Committee.


Butch Brown is recovering at home!

Diane Nunez is still struggling from her last procedure.

Greg Colt published a new novel!

Jan Mack has back surgery and is recovering.

A “Crabadore” was spotted at the Crab Feast!

If you know of member who has amazing news to share, please let me know, so we can all celebrate.  
If you know that a member is struggling with health issues or has recently lost a family member, please send an email so we can send a card to them to help brighten their day.

Kim Francisco, Past Commodore, email:

Please Visit the KCYC Facebook Pages!

We all should know that KCYC has a public facebook page, Kingston Cove Yacht Club. Did you know that we also have a "members only" page? To use it, you must send us a request to join so we are certain that it remains a valuable resource for KCYC members.  Members can use the page to post topics and communicate with other members on whatever topics they choose.

To request to join the page, please click the link below.


Go to KCYC Members Facebook page