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Kingston Cove Yacht Club
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KCYC is a 501C7 - Social Organization
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November 2023


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Birthdays / Anniversaries


Commodore 2023-24 Rita OsbornI am very excited to be your Commodore for this coming year. As you know, I have big plans and lots of ideas, and am looking forward to working with all of you to turn these ideas into reality. The club has grown so much over the past couple of years, and the newer members have a lot of energy and vitality which gives me the incentive to make good things happen.

I have been a volunteer for most of my adult life, and it is very important to me that we grow our community engagement program this year. As I walked into the club, the other day for a meeting, I was thrilled to see the food drive box growing, and the little angel tree for Boys and Girls Club glowing on the counter. This is what makes my heart full, and to think that I get to participate in these giving events while having a great time with my friends, all you members, is just an incredible bonus.

We have a great calendar of events for November and December, so keep your own personal calendars at hand so you don’t miss out. Thanksgiving dinner provided by your Board of Directors will get us into the holiday spirit, and don’t forget that is the final date for the Food Drive.

Those of you who are helping the Port decorate the landscape, will feel extra thrilled when they turn on those lights at the Christmas celebration at the Port. Decorate your boat, enter the Chile Cook Off, join the chorus or just show up on December 2nd, and if you didn’t feel the holiday vibe before you get there, you are sure to feel it when you hear Danny Vernon singing Jingle Bell Rock.

Looking forward to seeing you at the club after I plow through the maple leaves that fill up my yard daily. All the leaves turning is beautiful though, so no complaints from this Hawaii wahine! Aloha and Cheers!  Rita




We have quite a list of clubhouse improvements continuing into 2024. Thank you to Rita and the volunteer members for getting several completed this past year.  Our remaining list includes: finishing the interior painting of the walls; replacing the hanging pendant lighting with recessed can lighting; installing new flooring; replacing window blinds; and building out a soffit above the food counter replacing the current curtain.  Keeping expenditures to just the cost of materials using member volunteer labor will help limit the cost for us. Watch for email notices calling for your volunteer support as work parties are scheduled.

Here are some scheduled facilities related dates coming up:

  • Annual Facilities Design Meeting/Monday, January 8th – 6-8PM at the Clubhouse:  All members are invited to this informative meeting about the planned improvements and to share ideas about potential additional projects.
  • Interior Painting/Saturday & Sunday, January 20th & 21st:  The Clubhouse will be closed this weekend for painting. Watch for emails requesting your help by doing a shift.
  • Annual Spring Cleaning, Saturday, April 27th – 8AM-1PM:  This is when we perform a thorough cleaning of the Clubhouse.

We have been having trouble with our front door keyless lock. A new smart lock has been installed on the front door of our clubhouse. All board members, Quartermaster & Bartender have received invites to set up their codes.  Call 360.301.2325 if you will need access to the clubhouse outside event times.  Chuck

Many thanks to Walter Viereck, our former Rear Commodore, for a smooth transition and for leaving the bar operation in such good shape. Also thanks to all of the members who took the time to obtain their MAST licenses and to those who have volunteered to help out behind the bar. It’s greatly appreciated. We’re in the process of purging old alcohol and will be soliciting tasters as we bring in some different wines, such as Pinot Noir. If you enjoyed the sparkling wine that was served at the Commodore’s Ball, it is now on our wine menu. Cheers! Shelley
As the year winds down, KCYC's financials are looking good, with the expectation that for 2023 we will end 15% or more ahead of 2022 in revenues and a positive net income after topping off reserves. We will also be fending off 4 years of inflation with our dues increase for 2024.  With double-digits in new members this year there is a chance we won't have to raise dues again in 2024. We'll see......Meanwhile, the attendance and revenues of events and associated bar revenues indicate that members are getting value for those dues.
Onward, I say, onward.  John


Everett Cruise 2023
Greetings KCYC members. October was a busy month with the Everett Cruise (see the slideshow) and the Commodore’s Ball on back to back weekends. The Everett Cruise was a great cruise with 10 boats making the trip. Weather was cooperative for October and the group had fun visiting the revitalized marina establishments. A number of members met the group in Everett and stayed at the Indigo Inn which seemed to be a very nice place to stay.

As we enter Fall, the cruise schedule has slowed down a bit but we still have one more cruise for the year. Bring your boat to the Kingston Guest Dock and take part in the Kingston Christmas Tree and Boat lighting event December 2. If you don’t have a boat, show up after 1:00 pm and help decorate the fleet boats. Andrew Wilson will be the Cruise Captain for the event we plan on having a good time on the pier with drinks and snacks while we decorate the boats and await the Christmas Caroling and Tree Lighting festivities. The 2024 Cruise Schedule is set and our first trip (to Edmonds) will be here soon. Check out the schedule on the KCYC website by looking at the Club Documents, selecting Document Library then open the Cruises folder and select the 2024 Cruises subfolder. The Master Cruise List for 2024 can be viewed or downloaded for your future reference. Hope to see you at an event soon! Fleet Captain Ed


November 2023 Meeting Schedule

The Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 14th at 6pm.

The General Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 16th at 6pm. In lieu of the usual potluck, there will be a turkey dinner provided by the Board.  Members are asked to bring non-perishable food donations for the Sharenet Food Bank.

Stop by the Club on Friday Evenings!

Our members are always welcome to just come in for a drink and to catch up with friends on Friday evenings.  You are not required to participate in the meal being served. Please note, the club will be closed on the Friday after Thanksgiving, November 24th.

When food is provided, reserve a spot if available (depending on what is being served) so that our hosts can plan the correct amount of food and avoid food loss costs to the club.


Looking Ahead and Back

The Community Engagement Committee has the most fun of any committee in KCYC and I am excited about the next year as the chairperson! Our members are Kathy Showman, Beth Layton, Robin Salthouse, Nancy Langwith, and Rob Salthouse. Rita Osborne always attends but I’m not sure if she’s actually a member. Maybe I should ask the Commodore.

Our mission is to be a bright thread in the fabric of our community through charitable contributions and service. We are still arguing about the phraseology, but that has not stopped us from acting! Rob has headed up our Sharenet food drive. Hopefully you saw the notices and are already on the way to the club with goodies and food for our families in need. Robin is leading the Boys and Girls Club gift drive. The tags landed before the tree. Please see their articles for more information. Their work and your help make our holidays better for so many of us.

The first half of the year, our committee lost itself in Kingston’s July 4th Celebration. We had enough time to meet and shake hands before the community was called. Robin pulled off the float this year and Beth did it last year. That means 2024 will be doubly delightful. I sat on Kingston’s July 4th committee and represented KCYC in all that planning to pull together an amazing day. Can you believe it’s only seven months before another one? That’s how the Community Engagement Committee do. We may have room for more members but only if you ask nicely.

I would like to thank each of you for making this club the Best Little Yacht Club in the Washington. You do so much good and you never stop. It is an honor to know you and work with you!
Mark Derricortt, Chairperson

KCYC Charity 2018 11  edited

Sharenet Food Drive

Just a quick reminder that we are in the last week of the holiday food drive supporting Sharenet. All your donations will be taken to Sharenet on Friday after the November General Meeting. If you would prefer, you can also donate cash by logging onto our website using the following link: Sharenet Holiday Food Drive.


Please drop off your donations anytime the Clubhouse is open or at next week's meeting. If you are not sure what type of foods to donate, check out the list on the website: Holiday Food Drive for Sharenet



Rob Salthouse

Boys_Girls_Annual_Toy_Drive_Flyer_2022.jpg (edited)

Holiday Gift Tags for Boys and Girls Club Now Available

The Boys and Girls Club children were thrilled last year to receive gifts provided by KCYC members. The Community

Engagement Committee has once more made arrangements to provide 78 gifts to make their holidays special. Tags are

now available at the KCYC clubhouse with the BGC child’s age, sex and gift wish. Please grab a tag or two, return the

unwrapped gift to KCYC by December 15 and if possible with the tag tapped to the gift. BGC staff will wrap the gifts for

distribution at a party during the children’s holiday school break.


KCYC has also asked BGC to provide wish lists for three families in need. Members have already stepped up to help two

families. Consider getting together with several of your KCYC friends to purchase requested items to make the remaining

family’s holiday brighter.


You may also make a cash donation by logging on our website and clicking the link. Boys & Girls Club Angel Tree.  The funds raised will be used to purchase the requested gifts. Contact Robin Salthouse at for details.

Lights in the Park

Kingston Cove Christmas Lights
Over the last two weeks, KCYC volunteers have been helping the Port string all the Christmas lights.  All total, we had  35 volunteers who donated at least two hours each to make sure that the Kingston Cove Christmas Lights would be ready in time for the park celebration.  Torey, who was our contact at the Port, said the following:  "The assistance from KCYC has been much appreciated!!! ...Thank you SO MUCH for all the help to get us this far. "

Kudos KCYC volunteers!


The Membership Engagement Committee wants to welcome the 29 new members who joined KCYC in the last year!  The committee met November 1st to begin planning for 20023-24 and I want to acknowledge the Committee Members for all of our accomplishments for the past year: Julie Turner, Karen Waite, Beth Layton, Jan Erickson, Rick Eveleth, Zoe Poulakis, Kathy Satre and myself, Diane Nunez. The Membership Engagement supported members with membership materials including name tags, parking permits, Burgees, new member information, membership cards and membership activities and events. 
Planned Membership Engagement activities for 2024 include:  Land Events—Pub Crawl, Local Wine Tasting, Hikes;
Updating the Membership Application; New member sponsorship; Providing Greeters for club activities and events; Establishing a digital photo board for the Club; Sponsoring Friday night activity; Researching junior nemberships; and Recruiting new members.

So lots to do this year! If you are interested in joining the Membership Engagement Committee contact Diane Nunez at or 206-714-9293.

Meet This Month's Applicants—Peter and Caitlin Anderson
Welcome Peter and Caitlin Anderson! They are interested in doing more sailing, thus joined the yacht club to hook up with fellow enthusiasts.  Peter has a passion for sailing and is a semi-retired entrepreneur. They do own a sailboat moored at the Port in Kingston, and would like to participate in the planning and implementing of cruises and boating activities.  Let’s give a hearty welcome to Peter and Caitlin!!


GM Oct 2023
Halloween 2023
Commodores Ball 2023

General Meeting—Change of Watch—October 2023

Halloween/Day of the Dead Party

Commodore's Ball 2023



Each month we are going to provide you with helpful hints about how to do things on our website.  There really is a ton of information available at your fingertips if you know how to look for it.  Here's how to use your profile to store your favorite picture and update your biography to share more about yourself.
  1. To change your password, sign in with username & password.  


2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner to view all Member Profile options.


3.Update your photo by clicking on the Pencil icon.


4.Update your biography by typing text in the text box. Press save.



Social Events Survey
Haven’t had a chance to host an event at the club yet? Every wonder why so many people do it frequently? It is the best way to get to know everybody in the club while having a great time!! So you would like to try? Let us know you'd like to co-host an event or to join the “crew” for an upcoming event. Or…sign up to host an event.

We will put an experienced crew around you to help guide you from the beginning to the end to set you up for success. Not ready to host yet, but have an idea for an event? Please let us know. We welcome that input as we begin putting the 2024 plans together.

Here is the link to a quick form to indicate your interest. 
Click here to take the survey.

Social Media
If you have ideas for content, or photos that you think the community would be interested in seeing, please send them to me, so we can keep the momentum going! Email me  at or text or call me 818-434-8091. If you have ideas for content, or photos that you think the community would be interested in seeing, please send them to me, so we can keep the momentum going! Email me  at or text or call me 818-434-8091.



2019 Christmas 018Friday, December 1st @ 5pm— KCYC Christmas Chorus Rehearsal
All members and guests are invited to join the KCYC Christmas Chorus. Please plan to attend the rehearsal at the clubhouse.  We will be performing on the stage in the park with Danny Vernon between 4pm and 4:30pm. Even if you can't join in the rehearsal, please join in at the park.  Plan to meet at the stage at 3:45pm on Saturday in holiday regalia. Songbooks will be provided.

You don't need a good voice to join in and have fun!

2019 Christmas 26
Friday, December 1st @ 6pm— Decorating & Cookie Exchange—Get the Clubhouse Ready for the Holidays
Come and help decorate the clubhouse for the holidays.  Santa and Mrs. Claus will be coming up on Saturday so we want to have everything ready.  Help set up the tree and hang all the decorations. 

We also hope you will bring holiday cookies to exchange or just eat!  Its not a requirement, but if you want to participate, bring at least two dozens to trade (and maybe another dozen to eat), and don't forget a good container to take them home in. 

And of course the bar will be open to spread the holiday cheer!
Christmas Tree Cookie Exchange 2021 8

2019 Christmas 015Saturday, December 2nd—Kingston Cove Christmas Boat Decorating & Lighting
Dock in Kingston and decorate your boat for Christmas to light and display as part of the Port of Kingston Christmas Lighting event. Dock time at the guest dock will be after 1:00 pm on Saturday; you can stay until 12:00 on Sunday. Daily rate for a slip will be $1.45/foot. Plan on bringing finger foods to share if you like while we decorate the KCYC Squadron.  All members are invited to come out to the guest dock and help decorate the boats.

The lighting ceremony will be at 5:00 pm (anticipated) followed by the Port of Kingston Christmas Tree Lighting and the KCYC Chili Dinner & Contest.

Saturday, December 2nd @ 7pm—Chili Dinner and Contest
Come and have some tasty chilis after getting chilly at the Park!  We are inviting 10 members to bring a big pot of their favorite chili recipe for your tasting—chili entries will be limited to the first 10 registered!  Do you want to participate in the contest? Sign up through the "VOLUNTEER" link here. I want to compete in the Chili Contest! 

This year only the judges (secretly selected by Joseph the night of the contest) will taste ALL THE ENTRIES. Members will be able to choose two different chilis and have a full bowl of each.  We will provide freshly baked cornbread, and all the fixin's to top up your bowls. Click Here to Register.

In addition to chili chefs, we need to recruit volunteer helpers! This event always draws a major crowd so please click on the volunteer button and sign up to help.Volunteer for the Chili Dinner 2023

December 31st @ 6:30pm—“Bubbles Up New Year’s Eve”: A Jimmy Buffet Tribute
Don your best Caribbean attire and step into the world of the late Jimmy Buffet while sipping a Pain Killer and munching on Caribbean conch fritters, mini Cheeseburgers in Paradise and mango goat cheese bites. Find your seat and begin with traditional Pumpkin Soup while listening to classic Jimmy Buffet. Enjoy a lobster and steak dinner or mac and cheese souffle (veg) with mango chutney rice and a dessert of homemade rum cake before dancing until Midnight to the 60s, 70s, and 80s tunes of the energizing Michael Crain Band.

Raise your glass of champagne, kiss your sweetie and sing Auld Lang Syne to end a classic New Year’s Eve at KCYC.  To register, click here.

January 27th @ 9am—First Aid/AED/CPR Course
We’re scheduling another First Aid/AED/CPR course for Saturday, January 27th from 9 am to 2 pm. A mimum of 10 participants are required with a maximum of 12 participants allowed. The cost will be $75/participant and it will be on the events schedule shortly and available for sign ups.



First Some Clouds

  • Jennie Tucker took a tumble and broke her ring finger. She is sporting a cast.
  • Butch Brown has contracted COVID. A meal train has been set up.
  • Noelle Hunter had knee surgery and is healing well.
  • Connie Castellano has received an unexpected cancer diagnosis which requires immediate major surgery and reconstruction. A meal train has been set up.

If you know of member who has amazing news to share, please let us know so we can all celebrate.  If you know that a member is struggling with health issues or has recently lost a family member, please send an email so we can send a card to them to help brighten their day.
Kim Francisco, Past Commodore, email:

And Now Some Sunshine

Maryanne Harris and Quentin Gilman were spotted at a Veterans Day Celebration in Bremerton!  Looking good!  Looking forward to seeing you both at the club soon.

Please Visit the KCYC Facebook Pages!

We all should know that KCYC has a public facebook page, Kingston Cove Yacht Club. Did you know that we also have a "members only" page? To use it, you must send us a request to join so we are certain that it remains a valuable resource for KCYC members.  Members can use the page to post topics and communicate with other members on whatever topics they choose.

To request to join the page, please click the link below.


Go to KCYC Members Facebook page