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Kingston Cove Yacht Club
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 81
Kingston, WA 98346-0081
KCYC is a 501C7 - Social Organization
Club Address
25815 Washington Blvd NE
Kingston, WA 98346
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December 2023

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Birthdays / Anniversaries


Commodore 2023-24 Rita Osborn

WOW, Just WOW!! That’s all I can say about everything that has happened in one month. After our Thanksgiving Dinner at the club, I needed a rest, but no such luck.

Before I knew It, Halloween was upon us and the Day of the Dead Halloween Party was a blast. Thank you to John and Shelley Gantz and all the members that helped. At the same time the Port was calling for volunteers to help install the lights. Thank you to everyone that gave time to help. I know it was appreciated by the Port. The food drive was successful, with more than 800 pounds of food and $800 in cash delivered to Share Net. Thank you to Rob and Robin Salthouse and Kathy Showman for making the event happen. And then before we knew it, that magical day, December 2 arrived. The KCYC chorus was there, and boats were decorated, and Danny Vernon was in fine form once again. Andrew Wilson, Ed Fernandez, Steve Young, Gloria Young, Nancy Langwith, and all of those down on the dock with your boats decorated made the afternoon and early evening fun. But what can I say about the Chili Cook Off? Joseph Charnes outdid himself again, and it was the best one yet! No one will be able to top it, so Joseph be prepared to do it again next year. Thank you to all who helped and participated in the cook off. It was so much fun, and the food was outstanding.

I can’t name everyone that participated in all the events or this would go on forever, but just know that I am so grateful to have the privilege of serving with you as we continue down this road of Volunteerism. It is amazing how everyone steps up to help. Our Gift Exchange is coming up, and it is going to be a fun filled event, and remember it is the last date you can bring in your gift for the Boys & Girls Club. You also can donate to the Coffee Oasis on our website to make sure a disadvantaged young person receives a Christmas gift.

Be sure to sign up for Bubbles Up our New Years Eve Party, and if somehow I miss seeing you over the next couple of weeks, Rick and I are sending our best wishes for a Merry Christmas, Mele Kalikimaka, Happy Hanuakkah, and a healthy and Happy New Year, Hau’oli Makahiki Hou.

Cheers, Rita




Here are some scheduled facilities related dates coming up:

  • Annual Facilities Design Meeting/Monday, January 8th – 6-8PM at the Clubhouse:  All members are invited to this informative meeting about the planned improvements and to share ideas about potential additional projects.
  • Interior Painting/Saturday & Sunday, January 20th & 21st:  The Clubhouse will be closed this weekend for painting. Watch for emails requesting your help by doing a shift.
  • Annual Spring Cleaning, Saturday, April 27th – 8AM-1PM:  This is when we perform a thorough cleaning of the Clubhouse.
Notice something that could use fixing or improved? Drop me an e-mail at Please describe the item and the best way to reach you so I may get more information if needed.
The new Bar Boosters program is going well and seems to be a hit with members. The Bar Boosters is a loyalty program for members. Sign up and get a card that Darcy keeps track of. Buy 10 drinks and get a credit of $7.50 (the average price of a drink) to your KCYC account. There was a three-way tie for first to get a refund: Mark & Dawn Wiser, Karen and Walter Viereck, and Andrew Wilson. Congratulations!

Look for Pinot Noir to be on the wine menu soon, and please give feedback.

Bar sales in December have surpassed November, and New Year’s Eve is yet to come.

A reminder that the bar opens at 6 pm on Fridays unless otherwise posted. Early birds will not be served. The bar staff appreciates your patience and understanding.
Our beloved treasurer reports that our beloved club has achieved a beloved net income year-do-date of $14,000, compared to our beloved budget of $7,000 and including topping off reserves. Expect a new budget in January on which to bestow more belovedness (or B' and Moan about).



Stella Blue

The Christmas cruise at Kingston Cove was a great deal of fun as we had 15 boats brighten the waterfront with impressive light displays. Particularly notable was John and Kirsten Jewell who decorated Pyxis much to the judges delight. Andrew Wilson did a great job as Cruise Captain setting up a festive dock party with a delicious apple cider that added warmth to all those on the docks.

Next cruise on the horizon is the Edmonds Polar Bear cruise in February which is starting to fill with registrants. Expect registration for the Fleet Dinner to begin in early January. Also in January, registration details for the April Tacoma Daffodil Festival will be announced as well as that for the June Point Hudson cruise.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


The KCYC Lighted Fleet

Official Boat Lighting Awards

  • Best use of white lights: Weather Knot
  • Best use of color lights: Kahaulani
  • Best use of a Christmas hat: Flying Cloud
  • Best use of potential flying debris: Pour Decision
  • Runner up and best ability to make kids cry: Sativa
  • Grand Champion and best use of excess storage space: Pyxis.

January 27th @ 9am—First Aid/AED/CPR Course
We’re scheduling another First Aid/AED/CPR course for Saturday, January 27th from 9 am to 2 pm. A mimum of 10 participants are required with a maximum of 12 participants allowed. The cost will be $75/participant.

Click here to sign up:  First Aid/AED/CPR Course

Saturday, February 24th @ 10am—Fire & Fire Extinguisher Training
Join us for a two-hour fire extinguisher and fire training session that will be hosted by North Kitsap Fire and Rescue at their headquarters on Miller Bay Rd NE in Kingston.

Michele Laboda, Public Information Officer/Fire Inspector at NKFR has graciously agreed to conduct this session for KCYC members.  This event is free of charge and is limited to a maximum of 20 participants. So, sign up sooner than later!!  Discussion topics include: fire classes and behavior; common causes of boat fires; types of fire extinguishers; location of fire extinguishers; handling closed-quarter fires; and hands-on of use of fire extinguishers.

For more information contact Jim DiIanni, Boater Education Chair, Board Trustee
Jim's cell: (425) 466-0483  or Email
Click here to sign up:  Fire Extinguisher Training Session


December 2023

The Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 19th at 6pm.

There is NO General Meeting in the month of December.

Stop by the Club on Friday Evenings!

Our members are always welcome to just come in for a drink and to catch up with friends on Friday evenings.  You are not required to participate in the meal being served.

When food is provided, reserve a spot if available (depending on what is being served) so that our hosts can plan the correct amount of food and avoid food loss costs to the club.


Since our last missive, the Community Engagement Committee has not let a day lapse without engaging the community! KCYC delivered a generous helping of food and financial donations to ShareNet just in time for the holidays. As I hope you have all seen, the gifts are piling up for the Boys and Girls Club. A very warm thank you to all who donated your time and means to make this a better season for those in need.

In 2024, we will continue to raise the awareness of KCYC through our generousity, volunteering, and friendliness. As you are wasailling and spreading kind spirits and cheer this season, please be open to new ways we can serve the community year round and give us your ideas by Christmas. And also think about how we can win the best float for the 4th of July. Never too early.

From all of us, to all of you, Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays!

I would like to thank each of you for making this club the Best Little Yacht Club in the Washington. You do so much good and you never stop. It is an honor to know you and work with you!
Mark Derricortt, Chairperson


Sharenet Food Drive—Together We Can Do A Lot!

Thrilled to be able to drop off nearly 800lbs of food and $800 cash at Sharenet this morning. Thanks to everyone who contributed (and to Kathy Showman for storing the food this weekend!) Lots of thanks to Kathy Showman and Robin Salthouse (aka “She Who Must Be Obeyed”) for help loading and unloading the food.

Rob Salthouse, Chairperson



December 15th Deadline for Holiday Gift Tags for Boys and Girls Club

Please grab a tag or two, return the unwrapped gift to KCYC by December 15t.  If possible, tape the tag to the gift. BGC staff will wrap the gifts for distribution at a party during the children’s holiday school break.  KCYC has also asked BGC to provide wish lists for three families in need. Members have already stepped up to help two families. Consider getting together with several of your KCYC friends to purchase requested items to make the remaining family’s holiday brighter.


You may also make a cash donation by logging on our website and clicking the link. Boys & Girls Club Angel Tree.  The funds raised will be used to purchase the requested gifts. Contact Robin Salthouse at for details.


New members and existing members may have questions about the KCYC organization. The Membership Engagement Committee, with the assistance of webmaster, Julie Turner, created a Membership Guide which can be accessed on the website. Click the "Members Only" tab and scroll down to "Membership Guide". The Membership Guide is divided into topics:

  • What are Things Every Member Should Know- FAQ’s
  • Who are our Fearless Leaders
  • Where is the New Member Application
  • What Committees Can I Join?
  • Where do I Volunteer?
  • What are Upcoming Events?
  • How do I contact another Member?

Members can also learn more about KCYC Club Operations and Policies by going to the Club Documents tab where you can access KCYC Bylaws, and the KCYC Policy Manual and Strategic – 3 Year Plan.   Happy Reading! If you have questions the KCYC Board Members are available to answer your questions.

As always, if you are interested in joining the Membership Engagement Committee contact Diane Nunez at or 206-714-9293.



An Interview with Our Bartender Extraordinare—Darcy Carey

  1. Darcy, how long have you been a bartender for Kingston Cove Yacht Club?
    I believe I have been at the Club for 7-8 years counting working there many years ago before I came back.
  2. I imagine over the years, you have seen some pretty crazy stuff from behind the bar. What was one of the crazies things you’ve seen, and if it was from a member, do you think he or she would recognize themselves from your description (no names please)
    I think the craziest thing I've seen is the ladies dancing on the bar.
  3. If KCYC had a competition for the most loyal “bar” customer, who do you think that would be?
    I would say Quinton used to be the most loyal customer.
  4. You are probably in the best position of all to answer this question: Is KCYC a boating club with a DRINKING problem, or is KCYC a drinking club with a BOATING Problem?
    I'm not sure about this one. lol. drinking Club with a boating problem.
  5. After 30 years of being a member of KCYC, our members are awarded with a Honorary Life Time membership. How many years do you think a bartender/bar manager should have to put in to get a Honorary membership to KCYC?
    I say 10. It feels longer behind the Bar sometimes. Lol.
  6. Last question. If you could tell anyone considering joining KCYC what the best part of our Club’s experience is, what would that advise be?
    I tell people that are interested in joining that they will meet the Nicest, Fun group of people. I tell them how everyone feels like Family to me. I feel closer to many people at the Club than I do my own Family. I also tell people how proud it makes me to work at KCYC because of everything they do for the Town. I know the kindness and generosity of everyone has restored my faith in people!!

Match the Boat Name.......

  • 1. Hallelujah
  • 2. Pyxis
  • 3. Scampi
  • 4. So Be It
  • 5. Better Together
  • 6. Mystic J
  • 7. Final Approach

With a Member Name

  • A. Greg & Colleen Wright
  • B. Jeff & Kathleen Kutz
  • C. Simona & Radim Dedek
  • D. Philip Frankl
  • E. John & Kirsten Jewell
  • F. Noelle & Jamie Hunter
  • G. Art & Cheryl Hammon

Blast from the Past

Linda MacEllven 2020


Marianne Harris & Jane Mack 2018


Tony & Kim Clark 2015


Kathy Showman & Cheryl Callais 2009


Jerry Kirshner & Nancy Langwith 2018


General Meeting—November 2023

Cookie Party & Chorus Rehearsal

Chili Contest 2023

GM Nov 2023
Christmas Carol Practice & Cookies
Chili Cook Off 2023


How to Look up Member(s) on our Website
Members can locate and contact other members by using the online member directory. Results from the search include their address, phone number and email address.  A search for people with similar interests can also be accomplished by choosing one in the pull-down menu.

To View One Member

  1. As a member, log into the KCYC web site.

  2. On the menu bar, choose Members Only and then click on Membership directory.
  1. To Search on one member, enter first or last name:

  2. Results will look like this:

To Save Contact using the vCard Link
Below the photo is a vLink icon to allow you to add this person to your personal address book on your computer.

  1. Click on the vLInk icon.
  1. Contact information will be downloaded to your computer. You may see this at the bottom of your browser (Outlook example below):
  2. Click the downloaded .vcf file and save the contact information to your contact file.



Social Events Survey
Are you looking to get more involved in the Club's Land fun activities? We can't do it without you!  Open dates for January are right around the corner.  Please call or email Simona Dedek, or 818-434-8091, or fill out this short survey:

Social Media
If you have ideas for content, or photos that you think the community would be interested in seeing, please send them to me, so we can keep the momentum going! Email me  at or text or call me 818-434-8091. If you have ideas for content, or photos that you think the community would be interested in seeing, please send them to me, so we can keep the momentum going! Email me  at or text or call me 818-434-8091.

Chili Contest
Big thank you to Joseph Charnes to pulling off another successful Chili Contest! The crowd was large, the food was delicious, and Joseph made ALL the sides and salads!  And let's not forget the 10 members who made all the chili:  Kathleen Butterly, Ken Dalgleish, John Gantz, John Gitchel, Beth Layton, Dave Muller, Cecile Schwedes, Chuck Turner, Walter Viereck and Karen Fernandez.

Congratulations to Chuck Turner, John Gitchel and Ken Dalgleish for taking the top spots - not *just* bragging rights, but taking home super cute aprons as prizes.



Friday, December 15th @ 6pm—KCYC Christmas Gift Exchange
The North Pole just let us know that they have dispatched their oldest, most experienced elf to assist the Commodore at the gift exchange.

Come and welcome “Wunorse Openslae” [say it out loud], Santa’s oldest elf and friend. “Wunorse” used to take care of Santa’s reindeer and sleigh, but after retiring he now takes on special projects such as gift exchanges.

Don’t miss this chance to celebrate the season with the Commodore and members, and participate in the gift exchange, eat pizza and of course, meet “Wunorse”.

So see you on Friday, December 15th at the KCYC Clubhouse around 6pm. And help Wunorse out by bringing a gift for him to pass out [$25 of lesser value, white elephant or not].

Registration requested but not required. See the event page for all the details. Click below to sign up or contact the Commodore with questions:


December 31st @ 6:30pm—“Bubbles Up New Year’s Eve”: A Jimmy Buffet Tribute
Don your best Caribbean attire and step into the world of the late Jimmy Buffet while sipping a Pain Killer and munching on Caribbean conch fritters, mini Cheeseburgers in Paradise and mango goat cheese bites. Find your seat and begin with traditional Pumpkin Soup while listening to classic Jimmy Buffet.

Enjoy a lobster and steak dinner or mac and cheese souffle (veg) with mango chutney rice and a dessert of homemade rum cake before dancing until Midnight to the 60s, 70s, and 80s tunes of the energizing Michael Crain Band.

Raise your glass of champagne, kiss your sweetie and sing Auld Lang Syne to end a classic New Year’s Eve at KCYC.  To register, click here.



First Some Clouds

  • Roger Schmuck, a long time club member, passed away on Friday.  Contact Chuck Turner for more information.
  • Ray Carpenter, the Port of Kingston Harbormaster, is having serious surgery on Monday, December 11th.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

If you know of member who has amazing news to share, please let us know so we can all celebrate.  If you know that a member is struggling with health issues or has recently lost a family member, please send an email so we can send a card to them to help brighten their day.
Kim Francisco, Past Commodore, email:

And Now Some Sunshine

  • Ken Dalgleish's mom, Dora, had her TVAR procedure done. She is home now and doing well.
  • KCYC members on the move in Arizona: George and Mary McFarlane, Kathy Showman, & Cheryl Callais

Please Visit the KCYC Facebook Pages!

We all should know that KCYC has a public facebook page, Kingston Cove Yacht Club. Did you know that we also have a "members only" page? To use it, you must send us a request to join so we are certain that it remains a valuable resource for KCYC members.  Members can use the page to post topics and communicate with other members on whatever topics they choose.

To request to join the page, please click the link below.


Go to KCYC Members Facebook page